Choosing Dental Implants Affects Your Whole Smile

Whether you are missing one or many teeth, dental implants are a surefire way to overhaul your smile. However, dental implants do more than just replace your missing tooth. Learn more about how dental implants work, the implants process and more with help from your Yorkville, IL dentist at York Towne Dental.Dental Implant

What can dental implants do for me? 
Dental implants are a revolutionary option for replacing your missing teeth. In use since the 1970s, implants give you back your smile by replacing not only your missing tooth but also its root. A tiny, biocompatible titanium post surgically implanted into the jawbone beneath the gum line takes the place of the missing tooth’s root. However, implants do more than replace a single tooth at a time.

Multiple tooth replacement allows your Yorkville dentist to use two implants on either end of a dental bridge to anchor a row of teeth into place. Unlike a traditional dental bridge, which uses a dental crown on either end, none of the surrounding teeth require preparation, keeping them intact. Implant-supported dentures allow your dentist to replace all of the teeth on an arch without the hassle of traditional dentures. Whether they are removable or permanent, your implant-supported denture latches onto strategically placed implants to lock into place.

How do implants affect my whole smile? 
Missing teeth have many side effects. A gap allows the teeth around it to shift, causing malocclusion, or problems with your bite. These problems could make eating, chewing or even speaking more difficult. When you lose a tooth, it is no longer rooted into the bone below your gum line. That bone requires stimulation to remain healthy. The lack of stimulation caused by a missing tooth causes the bone to atrophy, or break down and erode. Atrophy, in turn, causes sagging facial muscles and even premature aging.

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