The Long Term Benefits of Implants

Everyone wants to retain his or her teeth as long as possible. After all, nothing bites, chews or helps us speak better than the teeth and gums nature gave us. Unfortunately, tooth decay, gum disease or accident often rob people of one or more teeth.

While fixed bridgework and traditional dentures restore a measure of normal eating, speech, and appearance, they often slip, fit poorly, and in the case of bridgework, require surrounding teeth be ground down to accept crowns. Additionally, bridges and dentures do not prevent bone recession in the jaw, an unfortunate consequence of tooth loss.

The Alternative to Traditional Prosthetics

Over the past 30 years, the dental implant has become the best tooth replacement choice for patients who have good overall health and sufficiently dense bone in their jaws. A true artificial tooth from root to crown, a dental implant has 3 parts:

  1. a titanium metal screw, surgically placed into the patient's jaw
  2. a metal abutment or post, affixed to the implant after the site has healed
  3. a customized, life-like porcelain crown attached to the post

Doctors Manpreet Singh and Paul Singh of York Towne Dental evaluate patients for dental implants in their Yorkville office. They work closely with a specialist who places implants to ensure a solid foundation for beautiful, well-fitting dental implant restorations--either a single crown or a removable appliance such as bridgework.

Long-term Benefits of Implants

Dental implants offer patients hope. No longer do they struggle with ill-fitting dentures or with the consequences of tooth loss. Amazingly, the titanium metal of the implant device possesses a natural affinity for human bone. Through a process termed osseointegration, the titanium implant bonds right to the jaw, strengthening it and anchoring the rest of the prosthesis. What results are teeth that feel, fit and act just like their natural counterparts.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry calls the dental implant a "reliable and predictable" tooth replacement option. The success rate for the implant procedure is very high--well over 90 percent. With good oral hygiene, people retain their implants for decades.

In fact, unlike bridgework or dentures which last less than 10 years, Yorkville dental implant patients keep their new teeth for decades. While more expensive at the outset than conventional prosthetics, implants are cost-sparing for the long term, and they never decay and rarely require removal.

Perhaps best of all, dental implants look so natural people cannot distinguish them from natural teeth. Matching in color and shape, dental implants blend right in and dramatically improve smile aesthetics.

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