What A Root Canal Does For Your Smile

Though root canals tend to have a bad reputation among dental patients, they are a crucial procedure used to preserve your teeth afterroot canal an injury, trauma, or significant decay eats away at your tooth’s structure. Learn what a root canal can do for your smile with York Towne Dental in Yorkville, IL.

What can a root canal do for my smile?

  • Preservation: Towards the end of the decay process, your dentist has two choices to repair the tooth: extraction, which is the complete removal of your tooth and its roots, or root canal therapy. A root canal removes the dead or dying tissues from the inside of the tooth while keeping the tooth’s structure intact.
  • Pain-Relief: Many cases of decay or tooth trauma end in a toothache. This unfortunate situation can put a damper on the best of days and, depending on the severity, can cause some serious complications to your daily life. Luckily, root canal therapy removes the infected pulp and tissues inside the tooth along with the tooth’s nerve, making it physically impossible for that tooth to feel pain any longer. You will walk out of your dentist’s office pain and decay-free.
  • Decay Removal: Tooth decay begins on the outside of the tooth and eats through each layer, slowly making its way to the tooth’s nerve deep inside. When the decay reaches the tooth’s nerve, a toothache occurs. In some cases, your dentist may discover a decayed tooth before this stage and recommend a root canal. In these situations, a root canal will remove the decay inside the tooth and actually prevent the pain which would occur once it began decaying the nerve.

What can I expect from a root canal? 
Your Yorktown dentist begins the procedure by numbing the work area. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal will not be any more painful than the average dental filling thanks to the anesthetic. With the work area numbed, your dentist gains access to the inside of the tooth from a small hole made in its crown. Specialized instruments allow your dentist to clean out the decayed tissues from the inside of the tooth and scrub the tooth and its roots clean. Most root canals require a dental crown to stabilize and strengthen the tooth.

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