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By York Towne Dental
April 30, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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What your dentists in Yorktown, Illinois want you to know about the importance of flossing.flossing

Chances are you’ve seen the advertisements on television and heard the lectures about flossing. Are you wondering what is so important about flossing? The truth is flossing can help you keep your teeth and save your smile. Dr. Paul Singh and Dr. Manpreet Singh at York Towne Dental in Yorkville, IL want to share the facts about why it’s dangerous to ignore flossing.

When you brush your teeth, brushing cleans the visible surfaces of your teeth, but brushing can’t reach deep in between your teeth where plaque can hide. That’s where flossing can help because the floss cleans deep down between your teeth where decay and gum disease often starts.

The goal of brushing and flossing is to remove plaque as thoroughly as possible, as frequently as you can. That’s because plaque contains millions of harmful bacteria that produce toxins strong enough to cause disease to your teeth, supporting bone, and your gums, in the form of tooth decay, gum disease and if left untreated periodontal disease.

You should be flossing at least once each day, more often if you have periodontal disease. You can use a single piece of floss, or floss picks if you have arthritis or dexterity issues. Clean in between each tooth by wrapping the floss around the wide part of your tooth as you go down toward the gumline. The wrapping technique is important because it ensures you adhere to the tooth surface and clean thoroughly between your teeth and gums.

If you ignore flossing, you are risking your smile. How frequently you floss is directly related to preventing tooth decay, gum disease and bone loss in between your teeth. To find out more about flossing and other preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental topics call Drs. Manpreet and Paul Singh at York Towne Dental in Yorkville, IL today!

By York Towne Dental
January 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

If you're suffering from tooth loss, it's vital to deal with this problem as soon as possible. Tooth loss can lead to the deterioration of your dental implantsbones without the support it needs, which is why visiting your Yorkville, IL, doctor is necessary. Dr. Paul Singh and Dr. Manpreet Singh are here to help you understand what your needs are by examining and assessing your dental health.

What does a dental implant process consist of?

  • A local anesthetic is applied to the area that will undergo the procedure.
  • Your dentist will place a titanium post into the jawbone. The titanium post acts as the new tooth root and is biocompatible, so there is no worry of tissue rejection.
  • The doctor will then surgically close the area and allow it to heal for a period of 3 to 6 months, while the process of osseointegration takes its full course.
  • When you return, your Yorkville dentist will re-open the area, insert an abutment and place a crown over the abutment that matches the rest of your teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Implants can have a high success rate, reaching 95 percent, compared to other dental restorations.
  • They can last a lifetime if cared for properly.
  • They don't slip out of place like dentures, which makes them comfortable and practical.
  • They provide your jawbone with the support it needs so that it doesn't shrink.
  • They are used to fill a single gap in your teeth, a few gaps, or all of your teeth.
  • Dental implants look natural and can give you a beautiful smile.
  • You won't have to worry about being able to bite into and chew your favorite foods

Dental implants are vital for your health. If you have questions or concerns, call your Yorkville, IL, doctor's office at (630) 882-8844 to make an appoint today!

By York Towne Dental
November 29, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Do you know the warning signs of a damaged or infected tooth?root canal

Would you know the telltale signs that you may need a root canal? Do you know what symptoms warrant an immediate trip to one of our Yorkville, IL, dentists, Drs. Manpreet and Paul Singh? If you are wondering if changes in your oral health could mean that you could benefit from root canal treatment then it’s time you found out!

Why is a root canal performed?

Most people have heard of root canal therapy but they aren’t entirely sure what it is. This endodontic procedure is performed by our Yorkville general dentist when the inside of the tooth (known as the dental pulp) has become infected or inflamed.

The health and integrity of the dental pulp can be affected by severe decay, an infection, physical trauma or a faulty dental restoration like a filling or crown. Once the pulp has been affected the only option is to have it removed through this simple procedure.

How do I know I need root canal therapy?

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for someone to know whether they are dealing with dental issues or not because symptoms aren’t always present. This is why it’s important that everyone visits their dentist every six months for routine exams. These exams, along with annual x-rays, help us look for signs of infection, decay and damage that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people never experience symptoms. In fact, a lot of people come into our office complaining of these issues:

  • Severe or persistent tooth pain
  • Difficulty chewing or biting down due to dental pain
  • Increased or sudden tooth sensitivity
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Tender, swollen or red gums
  • An abscess on the gums

If you are noticing any of these symptoms then this could very well mean that you will need to undergo root canal treatment. Of course, some people hear these words and immediately panic or decide to just ignore the problem. This is the worst thing you could do. This problem won’t go away on its own, it will only get worse. If you care about maintaining your smile and you don’t want to face tooth loss or other problems in the near future, it’s important that you get the care your smile needs right now.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it’s important that you seek dental care immediately to prevent serious problems from happening. Call York Towne Dental in Yorkville, IL, today and let us know what’s going on with your smile.

By York Towne Dental
September 29, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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The dentists Yorkville, IL, know their patients want to have better-looking smiles, but sometimes the cost can be too high. For this reason, veneersDr. Manpreet Singh and Dr. Paul Singh suggest dental veneers.

Veneers are used to resurface an individual's teeth, especially if they're damaged.

Here are some things veneers can help with:

  • Stained or discolored teeth due to poor hygiene, drinking coffee and tea, smoking, chewing tobacco or even ingesting antibiotics containing tetracycline.
  • Mishappened teeth, which includes: crooked, worn or chipped teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, uneven surfaces and uneven spacing, like overcrowdedness.

When you come into the Yorkville office, your doctor will examine your teeth and assess whether veneers are right for you. If they decide it is, then any underlying issues, like cavities, will need to be resolved first. Then a model of your teeth will be sent to a lab where a custom set of veneers matching the color of your teeth will be made for you.

Your dentist will then remove some enamel from the surface of your teeth then cement the veneers. Because your dentist removes some enamel, which is an irreversible process, and because veneers are made out of thin porcelain or plastic, you won't feel like your teeth are protruding. On the contrary, they will feel smooth, even and properly aligned with the rest of your teeth.

Other advantages to veneers, besides them concealing the faults mentioned above, is that the procedure doesn't need very much anesthesia. Also, veneers last longer than dental bondings and have an impressive color stability which makes them highly resistant to staining. So you'll be able to sip your tea or coffee without any worries.

In order to take proper care of your veneers, you need to brush twice a day and floss at least once before bed. It's important to prevent the buildup of plaque which may result in cavities and other serious issues.

For more information on veneers, contact your dentists in Yorkville, IL, by calling 630-882-8844. Dr. Manpreet Singh and Dr. Paul Singh will be more than happy to help you with your dental needs!

By York Towne Dental
July 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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So you want to hold onto your teeth? A root canal is a procedure that is used to repair teeth that are badly decayed or infected. Root root canalcanals give your teeth a second chance. York Towne Dental, which is located in Yorkville, IL, offers root canal therapy with a gentle touch. Dr. Manpreet Singh and Dr. Paul Singh are some of the finest dentists in Yorkville, IL.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

Tooth pain is a sign that root canal treatment is needed. Its level may range from mild to extreme. Prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold beverages is also a sign that root canal treatment is needed. A pimple-like bump that forms on the gum is another sign that a root canal is needed. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you should see your dentist for treatment.

Root Canal vs. Extraction

Tooth extraction is not a good alternative to root canal therapy. Tooth removal will leave a gap that can impair the appearance of your smile and reduce the functionality of your bite. Saving your natural tooth is always the best option. Through root canal therapy, dentists worldwide enable patients to keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Benefits of Root Canals

A root canal will alleviate your pain and improve your well-being. Most patients report that root canal treatment is no more painful than having a filling placed. After the procedure, a crown needs to be placed on the tooth to protect it and restore it to full function. A crown can help you chew better, improve your clarity of speech, and enhance your enjoyment of life.

Now is the perfect time... to make a wise decision. Don't put off root canal therapy if you need it. Call York Towne Dental at 630-882-8844 now to schedule a dental consultation in Yorkville, IL. We will provide all the relief you need. You have nothing to lose but your toothache!

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