Emergency Care

Call Our Office or Use Our Live Chat to Receive Immediate Attention

Are you experiencing toothache or pain? Schedule an immediate visit in order to treat the pain. Don’t wait.

Our office offers emergency dental appointments. If you come in with an oral infection, a severe toothache, or a cracked or broken tooth, we will do everything we can to relieve your pain and fix the problem – we typically can treat you on the same day you come in!

Furthermore, we can make special arrangements to see emergencies on weekends and evening hours.

We Have Time for You There is nothing worse in dentistry than being in tremendous pain from a toothache or having some other dental emergency and not being able to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Our doctors reserve openings in our schedule every business day so we have the time needed to help patients in pain.

Contact Us ASAP If You Have A Dental Emergency